Last updated on 10 Jul 2023

amoeba Shop is an application for everyone, especially retailers, and micro sellers to bring their products to more customers.

amoeba Shop provides the main features:

- Product uploading and management – Add the product’s info to the app, amoeba will manage and backup them on your personal Google Drive.

- Catalog creating and sharing – Create a catalog by selecting the product and checking the numbers in stock, then confirm catalog operating period and share the link with buyers.

- Order processing and analysis – With the notification when a new order comes, amoeba users quickly check the other, process it and send an order confirmation via auto message with just one click.

- Customer management – all buyers' information will auto analyzed with their contact information and order history for amoeba shop users easy to contact them via phone or message.

→ Join the online market smarter and easier than ever.

When using amoeba Shop, you can put products on our shared shopping platform amoeba Avenue and through that, reach a wide variety of customer groups.

We provide 4 types of order for your store to use:

- Order and deliver to customers.

- Order and customers come to pick up at the store.

- Make a reservation before going to the restaurant/store.

- Order at the table.

With a simple, easy-to-use solution, no need to register a business when using and protecting your own information personally, amoeba Shop provides a safe and effective space for you to focus on reaching customers and increasing revenue.